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Sustainability Consultancy


We provide end-to-end services to ensure that your organization meets with the latest environmental compliances and we assist in meeting your Sustainable Development Goals.

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Net Zero Services

Triumph Sustainability was ideated to make our clients reach their Net Zero targets within the committed time durations. We're here to assist you to move towards a Net Zero future.

Carbon Credits Generation and Supply


Carbon Credits form a significant part of the global vision towards a sustainable future. We assist in developing projects for generation of high quality Carbon Credits. 

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Nature Based Solutions


Agriculture and Soil based solutions for carbon removal as well as reforestation initiatives are a key component of the success of the Carbon Sequestration programs and we're committed to make it happen.

Plastic Credits

Plastic Credits are a market-based mechanism designed to incentivize the reduction, collection, and recycling of plastic waste. Just like carbon credits, Plastic Credits represent measurable and verifiable reductions in plastic waste.

ESG Services


We're here to manage your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns and improve your organization's credibility. We specialize in managing the Environmental impact your operations create. We offer a range of ESG services to help you thrive in an increasingly responsible and conscious business landscape.

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Reducing Carbon Footprint

We provide a variety of solutions for reducing your organisation's Carbon Footprint that include Carbon removal projects, Carbon emission reduction projects and more.

Community Based Projects


The co-benefits of Community Carbon Credits (CCMs) through projects like Clean Cookstove Distribtion ensures clean cooking as well as upliftment of women's health conditions and improving the overall economic status of rural families. We, at Triumph hope that these projects will create a significant impact in rural South Asia and Africa.

CSR Investments

Through strategic investments and partnerships, we channel CSR contributions to combat climate change, reduce carbon emissions, and enhance the well-being of communities. Our projects not only make a positive environmental impact but also empower local communities.

Carbon Finance

By partnering with us, you are contributing to a cleaner, greener future. Join hands with us in the global effort to address climate change through strategic Carbon Finance investments. Together, we can make a substantial difference for our planet and future generations.

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

RECs help track and incentivize renewable energy production, allowing organizations to support green energy even if they don't directly consume it. They promote the growth of renewable energy markets, enabling businesses and individuals to contribute to sustainability efforts by supporting clean energy generation.

Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (BRSR)

BRSR entails the transparent reporting of a company's actions beyond financial metrics, focusing on its impact on society, environment, and ethical business practices. We, at Triumph Sustainability provide end-to-end services for preparation of the report factoring in all the mandated parameters.

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